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Why use a recruitment consultancy?

Sarah Harvey Recruitment Limited provide a one to one totally confidential service, offering professional assistance and advice geared solely to ensuring that the ideal candidate is found to meet their client's requirements in all aspects.

Advertising is never cheap, and not always effective, but we will take the responsibility of advertising at no cost to the client and also have a vast bank of pre-screened candidates on our database.

Unfortunately, many candidates look 'right' on paper but the moment of truth arrives at interview, and although it is no bad reflection on either party, the same 'right' candidate can prove totally unsuitable for a variety of reasons. We help to avoid this through our competency based interviewing techniques.

We advertise on several specialist websites including large investment in our own site to ensure the latest candidates are available for suitable opportunities.

We are local to the Midlands and understand the culture of the area, although we do recruit throughout the UK for specialist clients.  All our Account Managers are specialists within their chosen fields. All of our candidates are checked for suitability by our consultants and Identification, eligibility and experience are professionally qualified to a high level.

We have a specialist headhunting consultancy for executive decisions and specialist assignments.

Sarah Harvey Recruitment Limited will advertise on a client's behalf thus ensuring total confidentiality. In addition, we offer private interview room facilities at our branch, free of charge.

We offer 24/7 contact and have an ability to skype and Conference interview / call.

To find out how we can help you please contact us now on 01926 450545 or send an enquiry to


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